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All part numbers shown are Autostills part numbers.

The entries under the heading “VERSIONS” denote the following:

Std - spare parts for standard stills

CA - spare parts for stills for Canada / USA market

Std / CA - spare part for both standard stills and Canada / USA market stills.

CA stills are the same as standard stills except for using some different components and having some minor modifications to meet the requirements of the Canada / USA markets. It is therefore important that CA stills should be fitted with CA spares.


Heaters are available in a number of versions for different electricity supply voltages.

It is important that heaters are the correct voltage for the electricity supply.

220V heaters are for use on 220V electricity supplies only and must not be used at higher voltages.

240V heaters are for use on 240V or 230V electricity supplies, but may also be used on 220V electricity supplies. However when used on a 220V electricity supply the Still will not produce the stated amount of distillate (it will produce approximately 20% less).

220/240V heaters are for use on either 220V or 240V (or 230V) electricity supplies. 

It is important that Stills on 240V electricity supplies are not fitted with 220V heaters as spares.

Abbreviations used in the descriptions:

4X- 4000X

8X- 8000X

AF- Autofour

WS- Autofour WS

DI- D-Ionstill

SS- Second Stager

DD- Double D Still

DWS- Double WS Still

DDI- Double D-Ionstill

DI8- D-Ionstill 8 L/HR

F4- Freshman 4

GP3- GP3 Still

GP6- GP6 Still

S4, S8- Super 4 Still, Super 8 Still

4Plus, 8Plus - 4 Plus Still, 8Plus Still

1st- 1st Stage

2nd- 2nd Stage

RHS, LHS - right hand side , left hand side (as you look at the Still)

eg microswitch for DDI 1st = microswitch for the 1st Stage of a Double D-Ionstill.


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